PLF Gathering

The Philip Loubser Foundation maintains and develops relationship with Fellows well beyond their incumbent years. 

Since 2017, the Fellows current and past meet in London every second year and at a nominated non-UK city in the intervening years. In our inaugural year we met in London, in 2018 in Amsterdam, 2019 in London once more and in 2020 our plans to meet in Bergen were postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Gathering introduces new Fellows into the full PLF family.  Ideas are exchanged and networking takes place.  Each year a theme is discussed, usually led by an inspirational leader in the Arts.  We have had the pleasure of hosting Ivo van Hove, Edward Gardner and Janis Susskind to lead the ideas -exchange and debate.

Our themes have included Inspiration, Preparation and The Future.

As the PLF Fellowship grows we expect to see further collaborations between our Fellows as well as a powerhouse of debate between the more established members of the Fellowship and new members.  We are cultivating a natural mentorship between the more experienced Fellows and the newer Fellows in their developing careers.